please note: your first appointment may take 2-3 hours

CORONA VIRUS WATCH: we urge you to postpone your appointment and stay home if you are experiencing cold-like symptoms!

Did you receive a "Courtesy Letter" from USCIS? Then you must wait to get the next notice ("Request for Evidence" or Interview Letter) before scheduling your appointment with us. Please note the medical report (sealed envelope) is only good for 60 days before it is opened by an USCIS/ US Immigration officer!!!

If you do not fully understand English you MUST bring an interpreter with you to your first medical appointment. Both you and your interpreter must sign the medical report (I-693) attesting under signed oath of your full understanding of the medical examination requirements.

To save some time during your medical visit, please download and fill out the required medical intake questionnaire forms (below) and bring them with you to your appointment along with all required documentation.

Adult (15 years and up) Patient Questionnaire Click Here 

Children (14 years and under) Patient Questionnaire Click Here 

Click here to read about our : Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPPA law)

Attention: Your Medical Examination Involves At Least Two Medical Visits Or Appointments:


  • Required Documentation: You must bring or text us (if any): passport (current or expired), US Employment Authorization Card, Driver's License, any record of immunizations, last letter received from USCIS/Immigration. NOTE: If you do not have any form of unexpired ID please bring your birth certificate.

  • Refugees, parolees, asylees: Bring laboratory and vaccination reports that you obtained at the County Health Department. 

  • If you have been previously diagnosed with latent TB or any sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis, and HIV, You MUST BRING any and all records of lab tests and curative medical treatment obtained.

  • Fasting is NOT required. Please eat your meals as usual. 

  • Payment is due on your first visit. We accept cash, debit and all major credit cards.

  • Urine Test (for applicants 15 years and up): required for gonorrhea screening. Make sure to drink a glass of water before heading over to our clinic.

  • Blood Test (for applicants 15 years and up): for syphilis screening and if needed, blood titers to check for immunity to MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and Chicken Pox (Varicella).

  • TB (Tuberculosis) Blood test or "IGRA" (Required for applicants 2 years and up)

  • A chest X-ray will be mandatory if your tuberculosis blood test is positive.

  • All children will be sent to the nearest laboratory for venipuncture.

  • Physical Examination with the USCIS Surgeon. This can be done through video using your mobile device.



  • You  or any other designated person must return to our office to collect your medical report (sealed envelope) in 5-7 days after your first visit. We could also mail it to you via UPS (with signature required) for an additional fee.

  • It is the applicant's responsibility to submit the sealed envelope to USCIS.

  • A chest X-ray will be required to rule out pulmonary tuberculosis if your preliminary TB blood test is positive.

  • All applicants age 14 and up MUST sign the Form I-693.


60 DAYS: YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR IMMIGRATION MEDICAL REPORT TO USCIS/IMMIGRATION WITHIN 60 DAYS. The doctor's signature is only valid for 60 days ONLY if the report has not yet been submitted to immigration/USCIS.

Medical Report Renewal: We can renew your medical report for $60 as long as your lab tests are not older than six months.

Message From The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention:

Regarding your medical examination for USCIS/Immigration Form I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record:

If the examination reveals an acute illness that makes it impossible to determine the alien’s medical status regarding Class A or B conditions, the acute illness should be treated by a physician of the alien’s choice, and the medical examination process completed when the alien has recovered.

This means that if any alien is acutely ill, including persons suspected of having COVID-19, they should seek medical care for their infection and return for their civil surgeon examination when they are well.

At this time, CDC does not require COVID-19 laboratory testing as part of the status adjustment medical examination.

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