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If You Are A Refugee, Parolee, or Asylee You Can Obtain a Medical Check-Up/Screening At Your Local Health Department's Refugee Clinic Within 90 Days Of Arrival Or Date in Which Your Asylum/Parole/Refugee Status Was Granted.

Florida Department of Health

Did you just arrived in the United States?

Then, call your local Health Department for your free health assessment and immunizations

Who is eligible?

  • Amerasian

  • Political Asylum

  • Cuban/Haitians Entrants

  • Iraqi/Afghan Special Immigrants

  • Refugees

  • Unaccompanied Refugee Minors

  • Victims of Trafficking

If you are one of these categories, your can receive a free health assessments and immunizations within 90 days from the date you arrive or were granted asylum. Cuban/Haitians are eligible from the date of asylum application.

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